New Communities: Hamlet´s lost car key`s and the plague of fantasies


- three days of practical work and theory on the Theatre machine.

The theatre machine is a general theory on collective work in performing arts. It is the result of  our work in the open collective Mindgroup.
The Workshop focuses on using the theatre machine practically as a means of dismantling and deactivating the accepted fantasy and projected fantasies on classic text and as a tool to explore the written and unwritten rules of any situation.

The machines can be used to remove the spectacle from the work/research. There is no dramatic end result required in the machine. There is no conclusion needed or consensus. The object is to investigate questions. Actions or events in the machine do not have to be recognizable as spectacle or a performance. They don´t need a dramatic structure. The machines can be used to uncover the presumption of meaning. 

The machines can open the events and actions of the machine to a wider range of meanings and they do also crash due to lack of activity. They also can be stopped by the humans when they refuse to conform to the rules or action of the machines. Direct, dramatic signification is not be expected as a result of running the machines. A narrative structure casts people rather quickly in roles or types that come with a set of implied morals and behavior. That is not the purpose of the machines.  Although they might stop that does not mean they have failed. They have just stopped and need to be “refueled”, restarted or restructured. 

In the machines one does not need to resort to artificial actions like in a performance. Theatrically signifying actions do not apply to machines in the same way as in improvisation. Their meaning is not given. And if there is meaning there is no need to spell it out. The laws physics apply in the machine unless you change them or their meaning. Manifestation of cultural codes will always be present in some form in the machines, depending on their rules, as they are a part of the world we inhabit. The fundamental law of the machines is that you must not do harm to yourself or others even though if that is stated in the rules that are given for a machine.

You don´t need to take responsibility for the machine. Someone will run maintenance. Simply by entering the machine you are practicing. It´s durability, length and running is not yours to command. We all act in good faith. When you drive a car you are not focused on structural analysis of the machinery that makes your car. You are just driving or in the passenger seat. (Or in the trunk).



Mindgroup was founded in 2006 by a group of European theatre makers working in the realm of experimental theatre. Mindgroup is an open colletive that discards traditional roles within the theatre hierarchy. In Mindgroup productions everyone is credited for artistic direction such as directing, stage design and writing. Mindgroup has worked closely with the Reykjavik City Theatre. Other Mindgroup productions have been staged elsewhere in Europe since the only condition you have to meet in order to be a member of Mindgroup is that you apply the work rules to your production i.e. that you discard the before mentioned hierarchy.

Mindgroups theatre makers have produced theatre performances and theatre events in Iceland, Sweden and Denmark in collabora- tion with Reykjavik City Theatre, National Theatre of Iceland, City Theater of Uppsala, Camp X and Reykjavik Arts Festival.


The workshop is part of New Communities and The Nordic Performing Arts Days 2014

Due to Nordic and Danish funding we are pleased to inform you that participation and hotel is free of charge.

Once you are accepted for the workshop, you can apply for a travel grant at Kulturkontakt Nord. Application deadline is 9.4



June 9-12

Starting at 15.00 on June 9 finishing at 24.00 on June 12.

Teater Nordkraft
Kjellerups Torv,
9000 Aalborg

for alle


free of charge

Torsdag d. 20. februar 2014

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