Devising project - Tunis

Devising performance – Tunis, October 5.-23. 2013

MAD´ART and The Department for Continuing Education at the Danish National School of Performing Arts herby invites 14 Tunisian and 8 Danish performing artists to participate in a 3 week workshop focusing on devising, and the encounter and collaboration between Danish and Tunisian performing artists.

The workshop will take place at MAD´ART in Chartage Dermech and will end with a concluding talk and a presentation of the work at MAD´ART, in Kef and in Sfax.

A few words on Devising:
Devising is a method that enables you to generate material without a completed text as a starting point. Instead, the participants work together actively in order to find a common expression. Any theme can be chosen.

Danish and Tunisian participants will have the unique opportunity of working together on a professional level and at the same time make new friends and exchange experiences. The participants’ different professional qualifications will provide the perfect setup for a devising workshop where the ones involved will be able to reveal their physically dramatic potential through the encounter with other performing artist.

All participants should be willing to participate actively on the floor and engage with their whole artistic personality and experience.

Via exercises, improvisations and minor duet- and dialogue assignments we will explore how the physical work can potentially provide a breeding ground for the scenic work. We will focus on how the everyday-like, the naturalistic/realistic situations, can be stylized and become more abstract and, as a result, more expressive. The participant will be provided with a number of tools to read body and space.

A devised performance will hopefully attack problems and themes close to the everyday life context of the audience. The method is very much based on research into a specific society or thematic context that triggers the artist and is always concerned with the ‘here and now’ of an audience. In devised performances the audience is often confronted with being an audience in a different way than in the normal/classical theatre with the forth wall. In this specific case the cultural meeting between the artists from different countries will also be visible in the performance and thereby infect the audience perspective/view on cultural differences or similarities

Co-Partners: MAD'art

Projektet er støttet af CKU - Center for Kultur og udvikling

Worshopleader: Charlotte Munksø

Charlotte Munksø is a teacher at the Danish National School of Performing Arts, where she, among other things, trains actors in physio-drama, and teaches directors and scenographers in “composition” of space. Charlotte Munksø has a background in contemporary dance, partly as a dancer, partly as a choreographer, and has worked with choreography in several plays, recently at the Royal Danish Theatre and at Aalborg Theatre. Charlotte Munksø directed the critical acclaimed play “I am my own wife” (Aalborg Theatre 2009), which was also performed in Copenhagen (Riddersalen 2011 & 2012). Furthermore, in 2011 she directed and devised the children-play “From the moon and downwards” at Det Lille Teater. It won the Reumert price for best children-play of the year. In 2012 Charlotte Munksø directed “It smells like nothing”, which included three of the senior students at the Danish National School of Performing Arts at the time, and was based on a study visit in Tokyo. The distinctive about this play is that it works in between Butoh, theatre and performance and has a strong physical and visual expression. The performance has been chosen to play at the ITs, the theatre festival in Amsterdam on 25 June 2013. At the moment the “Okker Gokker” plays at Det Lille Teater in Copenhagen, and Charlotte Munksø and the rest of the team have received a lot of recognition for the play. For a number of years Charlotte Munksø has taught, made choreography, and directed abroad, primarily in Japan, Italy and France. For the 9th time this summer she teaches/stages the topics of devising and site specific at the theatre festival Prima del Teatro in San Miniato in Italy. 


October 5.-27. 2013

9.30-13 and 14.00-18.00

MAD´ART, Tunis
Chartage Dermech

Performing Artists


The course is free. The Danish participants receive airfare, accommodation and meals.

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