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This Site Hacked By mhDx92

[ Security Is Joke For Me ! ]

[ mhDx92 was here ]

[ e-Mail : mhDx92@Yahoo.CoM]

[ We are ]

Iranian Hackerz ;)



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Guns & Horses

- a seminar with Rose English and Keren Cytter

December 5th from 11.30 to 21.30

at Charlottenborg

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Trust the people, but also trust yourself

lecture with Andreas Liebmann

10. november 9-12

at Statens Scenekunstskole

free entrance but you need to sign up

The Democracy Movements and the Power of the Performative

Lecture by Isabell Lorey

24. november from 10-12

at Statens Scenekunstskole

Free entrance but you need to sign up